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How does CLEVA-Crete™ work?

During concrete’s plastic stage, capillaries would ordinarily begin to form from the bleed water. When using the CLEVA-Crete admixture, we mix with the free water to create calcium silicate hydrate gel (C-S-H Gel). The gel produced fills what would ordinarily become the capillary system, by locking the network of moisture within the matrix of the concrete while simultaneously using the free water. This lowers shrinkage eliminates osmosis from creating plastic shrinkage cracking etc.

What is the appearance and smell of CLEVA-Crete™?

CLEVA-CRETE is a translucent liquid additive that will not affect the aesthetics of concrete, in any mix design, and CLEVA-CRETE is odourless.

When does CLEVA-Crete™ get added to the concrete?

It is generally added with the headwater at the batch plant. However, in many cases it is added to the agitators on site, then mixed for 5 minutes at full mixing speed (approx. 17.5 revolutions per minute) before reversing up to the concrete pump.

Does CLEVA-Crete™ affect the setting time?

CLEVA-CRETE™ does not lengthen any setting times, in fact, it shortens it marginally (approx 25%). Most concreters are completing all finishing and helicopter work two hours earlier every day.

Is CLEVA-Crete™ carcinogenic?

CLEVA-CRETE is the most sustainable water-proofer, that has no carcinogens, VOC’s or Hydrocarbons.

Why is CLEVA-Crete™ more effective than underslab vapour barrier products?

CLEVA-CRETE does it’s work in the matrix of the concrete which is a lot more stable for moisture control than either a plastic vapour barrier below the concrete, or spray sealers on the top of concrete which create their own issues.

Which type of ASTM tests have you carried out on CLEVA-Crete that answer the question of permeability?

We perform ASTM D 5084 testing on all our projects, that is one of the QC requirements to receive the 10 year moisture ingress / egress warranty and the Lloyds of London $20 million dollar insurance policy.

How can CLEVA-Crete assist in keeping construction schedules on time?

In the first 11 – 20 hours in most mix designs, we increase the MPa somewhere between 15 – 25%, which is especially critical for tensioning PT slabs, not only does this greatly improve early access on top of the slab, but this means that formwork and propping can be stripped out in many cases, 3 – 5 days earlier than normal. And in most cases, after 14 days you can apply all no VOC adhesives to lay your carpet, resilient vinyl or tiles.

How does CLEVA-Crete™ affect the workability of concrete?

CLEVA-CRETE enhanced concrete provides additional cream to work with, so for bull floating & finishing it is a lot easier to work with.

Will there be excess moisture on slab?

No. As there is no bleed water, also most concrete finishers are finding that there is less helicopter work and they always achieve a much flatter, professional finish.

How does it affect concrete pumping?

The mix is a lot easier to pump creating less pipe joint blockages, and less wear and tear on 90 degree bends and the pump wurm itself. The pump and spraying equipment will operate more quietly as there is approximately 35% less pressure in the lines, due to the gel increasing slump and viscosity.

Why is vapour proofing concrete important?

Moisture infiltration into structures contributes to the proliferation of mold, mildew and fungus and leads to flooring system failures, low adhesion, warping, blistering and staining. In addition, water vapour migration carrying alkali can cause structural failure of the concrete when reinforcing steel is compromised..

Water vapour moving through a concrete floor can delaminate sealers and overlays, discolour acid stains, produce efflorescence on the surface, damage aggregates, cause the slab to curl, and cause condensation beneath objects on open floors.

Have you tested your main competitors' product against ‘control’ at time of testing V/L?

Definitely, we will always test positively against all of our competition in vapour or water-proofing. In the case of crystal growth products, we are at least 500% more impermeable.

What are the dosage rates of CLEVA-Crete?

Dosage rates vary on every project and are completely dependent on mix designs, water cement ratios and SCM’s.

Please contact your Biorok Technical Advisor for all mix design approval.


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