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Slab on Grade, PT & Elevated Slabs & General Flooring

Vapor Lock™ 20/20

Vapor Lock™ 20/20 is designed to be added to any cementitious material where vapour and waterproofing are desired.

The ready to use admixture causes an organic chemical reaction within components in the concrete. This reaction eliminates the route of vapour emission which results in an easy to use, quick setting, internal curing end product.

Basements, Rooftops & Tunnels

Vapor Lock™ 20/21

Superior waterproofing to meet the highest industry standards. Vapor Lock™ 20/21 is a cost-effective solution that waterproofs, densifies and increases the service life of the concrete. It also makes concrete material chemical resistant.

The ready to use concrete admixture causes an inorganic chemical reaction in the components of the concrete completely expelling the route of moisture. This keeps the concrete sealed, protected and durable under the 10-year warranty.

Acid / alkaline Environments, water, sewer, dairies & wineries

Vapor Lock™ 20/23

Using Vapor Lock™ 20/23 extends the service life of concrete structures that are exposed to high levels of alkaline and acid. Best suited to structures in contact with toxic waste, salts, sewage or highly polluted areas.

This admixture contains a stearate that acts as an additional water and chemical repellency aid. The organic chemical reaction with the components of the concrete eliminates the unwanted moisture from the concrete. The result is permanent and removes the need for sealers and ongoing maintenance, saving time and money.

vapor lock that ionically protects and coats steel

Vapor Lock™ 40/40

Designed for concrete where abnormal movement cracking is to be expected, Vapor Lock™ 40/40 provides superior waterproofing and densification for chemical resistance. The ready to use concrete admixture encapsulates the reinforcement steel with a robust ionic impermeable coating that stops oxidation and acts as a total corrosion inhibitor to the steel.

rubber, elastomeric coating system

Shieldwall 39™

Underground structures like retaining walls, undercroft car parks, tunnels, mines and/or multi-storey car parks exposed to hydrostatic pressure are 100% protected by Shieldwall 39™.

Shieldwall 39™ is sprayed onto the structure’s surface protecting it from high negative pressure and water damage.

Why Choose Us

10-Year Warranty

Covering labour and materials for any moisture related failure or bond-loss.

Tried and tested

Vapor Lock™ has been used worldwide for over 35 years. Issued from Canada, its product range surpasses AS 1379 requirements.

$20M Insurance Cover

Vapor Lock™ provides peace of mind and instils project pride with each pour, giving confidence to both the builders, trades and the benefactors.

100% Failure Free

Project-specific insurance policy issued to all stakeholders for $20 million by Lloyds of London.

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