About Biorok

For over 30 years CLEVA-Crete™ has provided a proven global technology to improve the building process and final outcomes for all stakeholders.

There have been recent developments in the supply chain of building products and their compliance with the Australian Building code. The use of concrete has raised many concerns and challenges that CLEVA-Crete™ is able to solve.

The rapid growth of construction and property development along with climate change means Builders, Architects, Designers and Engineers are looking for smarter ways to protect the structures they build, minimize costs and maximize efficiency. CLEVA-Crete™ is the proven technology that helps them do just that.

Biorok’s priority is to provide substantiated, reliable, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to our clients. Our CLEVA-Crete™ product is suitable for any sized project and is readily available for any sized project throughout the Asia Pacific region and in many parts of Europe.


Biorok’s mission is to build confidence throughout the Asia Pacific region and most parts of Europe for the wisest choice in concrete admixtures that create super-structures and buildings which have a lengthened service life and enable builders to overcome on-site challenges during construction and a better end product and asset for each end user.

Vision and Values

To deliver premium concrete admixtures and associated products to support our customers in building high quality, durable and sustainable structures.

Our core values guide us in everything we do to support our customers:


We value our employees and treat them the way we would like to be treated. We respect their personal and professional needs and encourage open communication in the workplace – everyone’s opinion counts. Excellent customer service starts within the team.

Efficiency and Consistency

We constantly strive for perfection in all we do. Our aim is to deliver services efficiently and ensure the quality of our product and service is consistent.

Cultural Diversity

We welcome people from all walks of life as we understand that differences are only an opportunity to learn. Cultural diversity encourages collaboration and cooperation in the workplace, and we are a proudly culturally diverse workplace.

Honesty and Accountability

Social and moral accountability for our environment is of utmost importance. Biorok employees are accountable for their decisions, actions and project deliverables. They are encouraged to give sincere recommendations or suggestions and take honest feedback in return.

Advantages of CLEVA-Crete


Waterproofs concrete


Requires no chemical curing.


Increases abrasion resistance


Increases concrete’s density and hardness


Stops ACR (Alkali-Carbonate Reaction), ASR (Alkali-silica reaction)

Effective in reducing

Plastic and drying shrinkage cracking

  • High evaporation rates of excess water during placement cause concrete to crack before it has set. CLEVA-Crete™ prevents this as it transforms the water to C-S-H Gel, removing the quick evaporation process (osmosis). This technology hinders the concrete’s ability to form capillary tubes enabling the concrete to set 25% faster. The finishing process is completed in good time with no delays.

Freezing and thaw spalling

  • The conversion of the excess water to C-S-H gel means there is no water left behind in the concrete to enable freezing. The steep and early setting curve means the concrete will set well before it has a chance to be affected by dropping temperatures.

Slab curl

  • Differences in temperature and/or moisture cause concrete slabs to curl upwards or downwards (the direction of the curl is dependent on the area’s moisture or temperature). Using CLEVA-Crete™ removes water ingress that would otherwise cause tubular capillaries that result in slab curl.


  • Converting the excess water to a structural forming gel that stops bleed capillaries from forming. Moisture is unable to leave the matrix, disallowing salt stain on the surface of the concrete.


  • When concrete is placed and compacted with topical sealers the cement and aggregate settle. The settlement of these solids causes excess water and entrapped air to shift, causing the lighter materials to rise. The sealers applied to the top of the concrete create fine layers and don’t always fully bind. CLEVA-Crete™ on the other hand, removes the excess water via dynamic reactions in the matrix of the concrete, preventing delamination.

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