Biorok – Concrete Waterproofing

Concrete Waterproofing Saves Building Costs.

Up to $25 per square metre on curing agents alone.

Biorok Brings Forward Building Schedules.

Up to 7 weeks of construction time on a 20-storey project.

Solve the nightmare of high moisture in flooring.

Warranted and insured laying of heavy vinyl after 14 – 21 days.

Concrete Waterproofing Technology


10 Year Warranty

Covering labour and materials for any moisture related failure or bond-loss.

Tried and tested

Vapor Lock™ has been used worldwide for over 35 years. Issued from Canada, its product range surpasses AS 1379 requirements.

$20M insurance cover

Project-specific insurance policy issued to all stakeholders for $20 million by Lloyds of London.

100% failure-free

Vapor Lock™ provides peace of mind and instils project pride with each pour, giving confidence to both the builders, trades and the benefactors.

Vapor Lock™

Concrete protection technology.

For over 35 years Vapor Lock™ has created smart concrete protection technology to help improve the building process and final outcomes for all stakeholders.

There have been recent developments in the supply chain of building products and their compliance with the Australian Building code. The use of concrete has raised many concerns and challenges that Vapor Lock™ solves.

Architects & Building Designers

Award-winning advanced concrete.

Concrete is the most versatile construction material as trends push the boundaries of design to create award-winning projects.

Save construction time and keep to budgets by using a concrete technology that will help your projects run smoothly and deliver award-winning outcomes for you and your clients.

Project outcomes aren’t always easy to predict. Working on multiple projects with large teams using multiple products can be challenging. The one thing you can control is the quality of the structural materials in the build. Using Vapor Lock™ will ensure your building or structure is 100% protected from moisture, inherent mould, dust or excessive cracking.


Ensure compliant structures designed to meet today’s engineering standards.

Wisely make use of proven technologies that create safe, durable and compliant super-structures. People have been building for years, but never before has there been so much focus on design life,  structural integrity and longevity.

As external factors like climate change and extreme weather events increase, it’s important to ensure that during construction you’re using materials that minimise the risk of things going wrong during or after the building process.

Mitigate risk and support your build with Vapor Lock™, a proven 100% failure-free concrete technology, that protects your concrete from water ingress/egress, plastic and heat shrinkage cracking, slab curl and structural steel cancer.

Commercial construction companies

Save construction time and money by increasing project efficiency with Vapor Lock™.

Save on-site construction time and add value to your projects by using Vapor Lock™. This proven, smart moisture mitigating admixture seals and protects the concrete by curing it internally. The admixture is added to the concrete at the batch plant, creating a C-S-H gel that makes the concrete easy to pump, place and finish. The steep early setting curve enables early deforming. This helps to reduce cost and project schedule times.

Use Vapor Lock™ to guarantee a smooth project from start to finish – delivered on time!

Concrete Contractors

Complete the job in less time with less hassle.

Vapor Lock™ is the perfect solution for concreters due to it’s internal curing technology. No curing or sealers are normally required, and setting time is up to 25% faster. This advanced technology eliminates unwanted bleed water and saves contractors time, giving them the ability to complete projects earlier.

  • Pumping is easier with 35% less pressure in the lines.
  • An easy to achieve flat screed and a dead smooth finish.
  • Up to 25% increase in setting time will in most cases allow control joint cutting on the same day.
  • No additional curing agents are normally needed.
Flooring Contractors

Get on to job sites and start completion works sooner.

Vapor Lock™ encapsulates the problematic free water in all concrete floors. Therefore there is no moisture egress after 5 days of the concrete being poured. The only hold up is the PH levels required for primers and glues, etc.

The speed at which the concrete oxidises on top means flooring contractors can in most cases start laying after 14 days and thereby complete their work sooner. Less waiting time for moisture levels to drop below 75% means more projects are delivered in less time and without failures. 

The flooring contractor, his subcontractors, and adhesive suppliers are written into every moisture egress warranty, which is covered by the $20 million Lloyds of London insurance policy.


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